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New Start For Better Life in SCENARIO ” The New Capital ” on an area of ​​40 acres (19% buildings) Between units of luxury housing and vary in the spaces and prices of apartments and duplexes.

Each unit has a  Special view of the green areas, gardens and swimming pools in order to give the owners more comfort and calm

 SCENARIO Compound also contains all the Ways of the security, entertainment and The services that’s  Make Your lifestyle in the complex from any other place where it includes :

  • Central kitchen: Vegetables – Half cooked food – whole cooked
  • There are two gates One Of Them For People (at a height of 4 meters iron) and a special gate for services
  • Child Care: 24 hours a day
  • Club House: 3 swimming pools – 3 football and table tennis courts – squash courts (4 acres)
  • Each room have (dining room – meeting room – dining room) and security (entrance height 6 m)
  • Roof of buildings Consist ( swimming pool – Gym – places for barbecue )
  • There are 5 Gym – Main Gym ( Kids Aria)
  •  a special application for the services of the compounds with a presence of Online Camera
  • There are only 2 internal streets and the rest is under ground – Garage opens With Applecation
  •  A Garage For Visitors
  • Distances Between Buildings 30 m to 70 m
  • Special Garage For the Residents
  • Apartment area starts from 112 m to 275 m
    Duplex areas starting from 320 m
    The price per meter starts from 9,600
    Semi finished

Different payment systems
without Downpayment and Installments Up To 5 years
5%  Downpayment and Installments Up To 6 years
10%  Downpayment and Installments Up To 7 years
25%  Downpayment and Installments Up To 10 years
discounts for Cash  up to 25%
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